MAKEMSI quickly and reliably creates MSI files in a non-programmatic way
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The preferred mechanism for support, queries and bug reports is via the MAKEMSI support group. I generally answer messages sent to the group before processing those sent directly to me and the group has over 500 members and so you have a good chance of getting an answer (even if I'm not available because of holidays etc). Please search the archive first...

Currently I answer most messages sent to the MAKEMSI group but I'd prefer this to change so feel free to answer any questions you feel you know the answer to, its good to get different viewpoints when asking questions in any case.

If your message includes attachments then please read the "Email Attachments" section, other sections I'd like you to read (please) are:

For general feedback you could just email me although as mentioned above I don't like to get support or bug reports this way. You also have to get past my spam filter as previously mentioned (group messages are much less likely to be intercepted).

JOINING: Must be a Member to Ask Questions

All messages sent via the group are archived, you do not need to be a member to read or search these messages.

A member can opt for a daily digest or no emails so you won't be swamped with emails (in any case the group doesn't receive that many emails).

You must be a member of the forum to post as this prevents the group being spammed. All users are initially moderated, I remove this after your first post which hopefully proves you are not a spammer! Expect your first post to be delayed until I get around to processing it.

POSTING: MAKEMSI Related Messages Only (please)

If I am on holidays or otherwise unavailable and you are unmoderated then others may still be able to help you.

The MAKEMSI group should generally not be used for generic Windows Installer (not MAKEMSI specific) questions unless other sources you have tried have failed.

I will remove any member whose first post (typically immediately after joining) is clearly not MAKEMSI related, however at odd times, I'll just delete the message as I recently did for a member who joined a year earlier (a genuine spammer is not that patient!).

Most MAKEMSI members probably follow at least one of the following groups (and in any case posting to a more relevant forum will generally get you a bigger audience and better results):

MAKEMSI Files Area

The MAKEMSI group's file area ("") allows us to upload and download files.

If you are reporting a problem and need to supply an attachment, then it is best to upload it to the files area as a zip instead. Attachments are stripped from group messages so when I am away from home I will only be able to access the info from here...

I generally put out releases pretty quickly as even if I haven't made many code changes, I've probably made some documentation improvements. For this reason I don't tend to upload many "MAKEMSI fixes" but when I do you should backup files so that you can restore things if required.

Microsoft awarded me an MVP (Most Valuable Professional award) in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 for the Windows SDK (Windows Installer) area.Please email me any feedback, additional information or corrections.
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Microsoft awarded me an MVP (Most Valuable Professional award) in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 for the Windows SDK (Windows Installer) area.